Reducing privacy risks for modern teams

TerraTrue is a web application that seamlessly integrates privacy into company workflows making it easy for teams to manage data and automate privacy compliance.

Raised $15M Series A



  • UX/UI Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Marketing Designer
  • Marketing Developer


  1. Establish a design system of an ambiguous product
  2. Design a visual identity that stands out from competitors
  3. Design the UX/UI for 10+ epic features
  4. Design and develop a headless corporate website
  5. Create a safe space for teammates to discuss design system ideas

In 2019, TerraTrue successfully completed a seed round gaining $4.5M in funding, which was used to grow the team and begin professionalizing the product. I was the third hire and was tasked with establishing design sprints, designing the UX for an ambiguous product, and creating the visual identity to span across both product and marketing.

After reviewing feature specs written by Legal, I began ideating opportunities to create a unique design system and color palette that stood out from competitors. It was important to me for TerraTrue to feel fun and approachable especially for users who were new to privacy (like me!)

Every few weeks the features would begin to grow or morph, which made scaling a design system quite challenging. This was also my first time designing a system from the ground-up, so I collaborated with Engineering to ideate the best courses of action.

We operated on two-week sprints, and in two years I designed the Launchpad, Launch details, privacy questionnaire, and questionnaire builder, a privacy policy builder, notifications hub, settings and integrations, and launch analytics. We successfully raised $15M Series A and signed contracts with top clients such as Robinhood, Foursquare, and Lyft.

“People at Foursquare are taking our new approach to privacy so well that it’s kind of exploded. Legal and compliance don’t usually work in two-week sprints, but we do now with TerraTrue.”

Elizabeth HeinAssociate General Counsel, Foursquare

Complying with the GPDR and CCPA has never been easier


When a user signs up with TerraTrue, they can choose 1 of 2 easy solutions to get started. “Creating a Launch” will take them through questionnaires that do all of the hard work for them. If they have data from a previous solution, they can import a data map from a CSV.

What is a launch?

Launches are new features that are being developed by a company. It includes information about the feature, assigned team members, comments with a Slack integration, and privacy workflows that display all data being collected when this feature launches.

Importing a data map

If businesses have many product features with data already mapped, it may be easier to lump features together into one launch. Users can choose between popular launch categories suggested by our legal department or write their own titles.

Import complete

Once information has been uploaded, it’s important to share our terminology with the users to help them understand the next steps.

Review the status of every feature from the launchpad

When a user logs into TerraTrue, they see the Launchpad of all ongoing features that needed to collect data. The feature status dynamically changes based upon department status. To stay organized, a user can label launches to group them together and quickly filter in the sidebar.

Filtering the nitty-gritty

Looking for specific information? Users can filter by progress, labels, components, privacy workflow completion and more.

Staying up-to-date

Users can choose which notifications they’d like to receive such as being tagged by other teammates in questionnaires, new launch creations, and launch status’.


Original Design Problems

  • The UX for mapping data included an infinite loop, which obstructed the user from submitting data or leaving the page.
  • Large amounts of copy felt overwhelming for new users who weren’t versed in privacy
  • Color scheme was neutral, which made the product forgettable

Design Solutions

  • We introduced a new question that eased the user into data collection.
  • Instead of accordion panels, we transitioned to a vertical tab system with search, which let users scan and find their data quickly.
  • Adding a timeline helped the user understand their point of completion.
  • Introducing pastel colors and iconography promoted a sense of friendliness and warmth, both key to making privacy fun.
User selects the data that is being collected from their previously chosen data uses.
If a user get stuck, they can leave an alert on that question, which notifies their privacy counsel.
Teams can communicate back and forth on a per question basis.
Once all of the data has been selected, the user must select how long the company plans to retain that data.

Organize data with ease

The Data Spec is designed to assist product, engineering, sales, and marketing teams with data collection. Since privacy may not be their expertise, we created a user experience that hold their hand through the process and guarantees all of the correct information is delivered to the legal team.

Smart Automation

With each completed data spec, TerraTrue remembers which data was selected for different features and gets smarter by suggesting previous selections. Everything is then stored in a master data bank only accessible by specific company roles.

To comply with the GDPR and CCPA, all third parties who receive this company’s data must be documented.
Lastly, pair each selected data type with the coresponding third party.

Features available on request

As the sole designer for the company, I worked on every feature from conception to launch. Here are a few other large-scale features that I had completed in my time at TerraTrue.

Custom questionnaire builder

Teams can make custom questionnaires that can be used both internally and externally. They can use TerraTrue’s templates or make their own from scratch with the drag-and-drop builder.


TerraTrue provides both interval and status measurements across all your privacy activities, so you can spot and remedy workflow issues.

Third party risk management

Invite third parties to the platform and automatically track responses, communicate back and forth on the assessment, and keep communication details in one location for team visibility.

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Designing and developing a headless website

When I found myself needing some space from product design, I spent time learning about the benefits of a headless CMS. After receiving buy-in, I designed and developed a custom WordPress for the backend and React/Gatsby static generator for the front end, which increased performance speed and organic SEO results.

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