Promoting transparency in the workplace

Comparably is a platform that provides insights into workplace culture and compensation. It allows employees to anonymously review and rate their workplaces based on various factors such as company culture, work-life balance, compensation, and benefits.

Acquired by ZoomInfo


  • UX/UI Designer
  • Marketing Designer


After achieving success with user and business signups, it became evident that transitioning to a paid subscription model was the next step for Comparably. Our challenge was to artfully encourage businesses to embrace full control of their Comparably page by offering exclusive features.


  1. Illustrate badges to be awarded to the top businesses in different categories throughout the US
  2. Streamline the checkout process for businesses to upgrade to Comparably Premium
  3. Design the employer dashboard to display awards, market intelligence, and employee review control information

Upgrading to Comparably Premium

Premium Dashboard

Once logged into Comparably, businesses can view their subscription details and upgrade without needing an Account Manager.

Upgrading from Basic to Premium

If a business still has a Comparably Basic account, they are taken to a separate page with payment information and branded plan pricing.

Changing Plans

Clicking “Change Plan” displays a modal that displayed their current plan, options to upgrade to other plans, and credit card information.

Upgrading Credit Card

If the business would like to update their credit card, they can change their information within the upgrade process.

Upgrade Complete

Once the upgrade is complete, we guide the business admin to new unlocked features.

Introducing Featured Reviews

In order to promote fair transparency, companies must include an equal amount of positive and negative reviews on their page.
Admins can filter to find specific types of reviews easier.
Change which reviews appear on the profile by “starring” the featured review.

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