Connecting fans to their favorite creators

Collide was an iOS, Android, and webapp that empowered celebrities and creators to monetize their content, while giving fans a virtual front-row seat to exclusive live streams, texting, and video chat.



  • UX/UI Designer – Web
  • Visual Designer
  • Marketing Designer
  • Marketing Developer

Market Problem

In 2016, content creators had been laboring to build the media businesses for fast growing social networks off the back of their creative works. These social platforms have been slow and reticent to provide meaningful monetization formats.


Provide creators with a full featured platform to empower them to take full control of the distribution, monetization, audience aggregation and marketing of their content.


  1. Design marketing materials for onboarding talent and internal usage
  2. Design and build a marketing website that entices creators to apply
  3. Design a dedicated webapp experience with custom design components that align with mobile
  4. Mentor and manage junior designers who focus on the mobile app and social assets

Going Live

Creators could go live from any device and choose if the steam would cost a flat fee or free-with-gifts.

Countown to the show

Once the creator went live, a countdown would prep them to be camera-ready.

Interacting with Fans

With paid streams, creators could create an intimate experience for fans and get more personal with a smaller audience. Fans could also offer gifts to their favorite creators.

If users are not logged in, they were blocked from seeing live paid content, but if the content was free and the creator was featured, they could view content as they scrolled.
Red circle around avatars meant that users were currently live.
Users can view popular categories in the sidebar.
Backend users could create groups of creators listed under a custom category, which worked well for sponsored deals.
Users could purchase Collide credits to watch paid streams, unlock paid content, or even text their favorite creators.

Paywall creator content

Creators could create short form content that was available to be purchased with Collide credits.

Purchasing content

Fans could click on content to reveal its price and a caption over the hidden image or video.

The big reveal

After purchase, the content would reveal itself to the fan and be forever available in their purchase history.

The full picture

Users could tap the images to hide the small details to see the entire video or image.

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Building a CMS with custom animations

As I was familiar with developing custom WordPress themes, I was interested in learning how to add movement with animation libraries to make the site feel interactive. I implemented wow.js with an older library to achieve my goal.

Beside the marketing site, I also designed and developed the help center targeted toward user questions.

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